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Updated On
Mar 18, 2023
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Updated On
Mar 18, 2023
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>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier
App Info
App Download Version 3.16.7
Last Updated Mar 18, 2023
Apk Size 59.23 MB
App by arfy2422
Category Action
Mod info Mod Menu High Damage Invincible
Support Android Version
App Package com.boltrend.bno.grasma.en
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Graffiti Smash MOD Screenshot Graffiti Smash MOD Screenshot Graffiti Smash MOD Screenshot Graffiti Smash MOD Screenshot Graffiti Smash MOD Screenshot

In decisive confrontations, the Power Hunters wage war.

Graffiti Smash involves Hunters and Graffiti Strikers in a head-to-head battle. Both sides draw lines on the battleground to increase their power, which allows them to smash through monsters that appear in front of them. This game's combat system is easy to understand; players decide the best strategy for combining attacks with other characters by drawing the line for them. You drag and move the characters on the field to form an arrow that you then adjust to your liking. This lets you direct the arrow at your opponent. When characters hit the wall at the same time, they bounce back like a ball and continue their attacks. This means you'll come up with many creative ideas for how to use their skills thanks to wall collisions.

coordinate with team mates to defeat the enemy

One of the characters in Graffiti Smash is a supporting character— referred to as a 3rd guy — who helps players overcome many different challenges in the game. Players can move through the game's field to leave paint streaks, which have various effects. Paint diminishes damage dealt when the playing field is covered. Additionally, many attack options present during the game won't allow players to ignore them. One of the standout features of this game's characters is Link. When one of the characters in the team attacks another character, the latter is able to activate the first's attack despite being off-screen. Characters possess a special ability that can be charged each turn. Each charge grants them access to a powerful attack. Additional charges can be gained by placing hunter paint on the field. Your graffiti allows you to summon it once per turn, which grants you an extra action. The graffiti's initial appearance draws attention away from the enemy, but it still deals significant damage. When enemies attack your characters, their graffiti becomes much more apparent and difficult to ignore until they can physically touch it.

Gather powerful characters from banners with Summons.

Reading the information for each character in Graffiti Smash reveals different facts about them. You can easily create a strong team with the resources available, but it would require a lot of work to summon characters through gacha banners. In addition, you’ll need to outfit your characters with weapons for weapon-based art during each attack. This will help increase their strength when they level up. Various sorts of hunters are prepared to challenge you with varied strengths. They’re all ready to present you with many different experiences, such as hunting. Powerful attacks unleash by the character you control in battles against monsters draws players. This game's combat system can be used in different situations and ways of interacting with the game. Careful use of these skills requires charging them over a period of time. Characters can increase their power by painting the battlefield with their attacks. The character banners draw players in with their ability to summon characters with powerful skills and abilities. This combined them into a formidable team.

Overcome confusing reality with paint streaks with the Graffiti Smash mod.

Arc invaders from Graffiti Smash kill any human Arc hunters they capture instantly. People living in Graffiti Smash must find many places to hide. Arc is an enigmatic being whose true nature is unknown. The earth's surface has changed dramatically over a long period of time. More and more monsters spawn; their power increases each day. This makes it harder and harder for people to survive as the number of monsters grows. Hunters are extremely resistant to the Arc's dangerous cells, making them the first warriors to be born. It's imperative that Hunters reclaim the earth they were born and raised on; they must destroy the Arc in the process.

The Brave Hunters are a group of hunters that work for the King of Grata.

Specialized hunters have an immune system that protects them from dangerous cells found on the earth's surface. As a result, they have access to many unique combat techniques. Gathering all of them proved difficult due to the large size of the group. You can both own hundreds of individual hunting packs as well as create many separate tactics based on each one. This is thanks to the special bond between paint streaks and hunters. After many battles, you'll understand the importance of maintaining a stockpile of more than 400 weapons for outfit and power ups for hunters on the battlefield.

A thrilling dungeon adventure.

By conquering dungeons and acquiring many fantastic treasures, the adventure primarily revolves around exploring. Exploring requires selecting the correct squad for each dungeon run. Doing so increases the power of monsters in the dungeon and enables them to use new abilities. Paint covered the monitor when summoned Graffiti monsters appeared to help fight. Each monster type appears when a specific color of paint streaks appeared on the screen. Combining well with the hunters, this against Arc complements them in a fight. Completing the dungeon also grants a lot of beautiful treasures as a reward.

Quirky arguments with friends

The way fighting games are played sets them apart from any previous game. You and your friends will enjoy an unforgettable experience once you learn how to combine paint streaks as part of a fighter's combos, along with hunters' powers. The co-op mode allows players to fight giant bosses and conquer essential dungeons. Additionally, the unique PvP mode between players changes the atmosphere. Players can climb the world rankings with the best paintball warriors. The endlessly fascinating adventure with no end continues to motivate you and your teammates to fight tirelessly. Its ever-shifting nature lends itself perfectly to imaginative play sessions with friends. The game is highly creative with its gameplay.nd a perfect combination of tactics.

Old Mod Version
3.16.7 Mar 18, 2023