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Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles Mod APK

Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles Mod APK

Updated On
Mar 18, 2023
App Version
Updated On
Mar 18, 2023
App Version

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Mod Infomation
Unlimited money, energy
App Info
App Download Version 1.9.9
Last Updated Mar 18, 2023
Apk Size 132.83 MB
App by carolineoli
Category Puzzle
Mod info Unlimited money
Support Android Version
App Package com.merge.elves
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Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles MOD Screenshot Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles MOD Screenshot Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles MOD Screenshot Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles MOD Screenshot Merge Elves-Merge 3 Puzzles MOD Screenshot

Download the Merge Elves mod to protect the Wonderland from malevolent forces.

The tale begins millennia ago and takes place outside of a place humans can visit. A female witch met with a boy and fell in love with him in the presence of darkness and light. The jealous witch furtively supplied herself with the child she sired. She ensconced her progeny in a secret hideout within her weathered structure. To complete this quest, you must protect the child from the demon dragon while also fighting it. You must also care for the child's garden by solving puzzles provided.

Parenting requires compassion and affection.

Completing commission tasks nets resources and extra food that can help support both your child and the project to restore the magic garden. The more difficult the task, the more resources earned; this allows you to raise your child and better prepare for the next step. Exchange the collected stars for new outfits for your infant. Complete all the essential missions to record them in a special album. These include events such as playing, exploring, and bath occasions. Give your child a happy childhood by raising him with a witch mother. Every motherly action is passed down through the generations.

Elves combine separate races into one hybrid race.

New elves inhabit your garden and appear in new forms. Visit the garden to discover different species and attain higher progress by collecting and breeding new elves. Every goblin goes through four distinct developmental stages before maturing and changing into a new form. You can help them hatch into the next stage through regular care, or even just by loving it. A gardener you govern will automatically gather valuable items on your behalf. They are loyal and will work.

Weekly or monthly challenge.

Hundreds of strange items await your joining. Exchange them for new power options and new rewards each day. Further combine these to create even more powerful upgrades. In order to win, you must restore all the mystical statues to their original condition. You will then place them in your garden. As you work, you must destroy the corresponding damaged statues in each level. Complete recipes to earn more valuable resources. Next, open chests to collect coins and combine gems from the rewards.

A social gathering that takes place online.

With a game like this, you can learn from the experiences of more experienced players since it allows you to socialize with everyone. It's possible to only play the game independently, but you can still relate to everyone else. Get the latest news from the world through your friends' posts. Grow your garden and make new companions. Compete with other wizards to gain more power. This island features Merge Elves events. Take advantage of these opportunities to grow as a person. Download the Merge Elves mod right away if this announcement makes you excited. Because all of the miracles are ready for you when you embark on an endless adventure. ———

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