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New Witch in Town Mod APK

New Witch in Town Mod APK

Updated On
Mar 19, 2023
App Version
Updated On
Mar 19, 2023
App Version

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1. Unlocked Stories
2. Unlocked No Ads
3. Boosted Stats - Use v2
App Info
App Download Version 1.0.4
Last Updated Mar 19, 2023
Apk Size 6.39 MB
App by cladia3492
Category Roleplaying
Mod info Remove ads Unlocked
Support Android Version
App Package com.choiceofgames.newwitchintown
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Look for new magical powers in the New Witch In Town mod. You can search for it with a download manager.

One who is constantly exposed to extraordinary things will be impressed by them. This effect continues into adulthood; children born into this state are even more special than others. You, too, are a child born into this magical realm; but you’re even more special since your exposure to magic is greater. Your grandmother is a witch and teaches an enigmatic power. Despite this, everyday functionality remained a hallmark of her magic. You learned powerful spells from your grandmother and lived in the same town. As a result, you have access to powerful magic. Find a way to keep the traditions of the village alive while maintaining your power.

Magic comes at you with a specific purpose.

Growing up, the mystical powers from the woods above your hometown come into your life. You have a grandmother who is part of the mystical forest, and she raised you in magic. Your grandmother knows nearly everything there is to know about magic through her teachings. Some of her teachings flow through your body and empower you. When you first acquired a knack for magic, you were too small to see any practical applications. As you continue gaining knowledge, you have more opportunities to practice magic.

Unlock the power of magic through understanding.

You study the magic powers of your grandmother through caring for her and teaching her. This gives you access to a hidden part of your power that only witches possess. In addition, you continue completing spells that your grandparent left unfinished in the magic forest. You must still meet up with your grandmother of witchcraft who dwells in a fascinating house. Your grandmother is a nurturing caretaker due to the time she spent raising you as an infant. When you discover gaps in your grandmother’s magical knowledge, ask her for answers. Expand your search for a compelling reason to return to your home.

A mystery search was launched with no clear objective.

Your grandmother lived in a village for decades, but its once idyllic setting became littered with potholes and eroded away into wastelands. Now the inhabitants face many unanswered questions about their past as the village falls apart around them. As a child living in the village, you need to discover everything that happens by firsthand experience. The magic power tells the villagers to enter the mysterious magical forest. The inhabitants of this village were ordinary folk. Their lives were disrupted by the influence and control exerted by supernatural forces. Discover the cause of this mystifying phenomenon and return the area to a place of peace for its citizens. A mysterious forest conceals the wise grandmother living in a secluded cottage. She’s a powerful witch who’s lived next door to you all your life. By learning from her, you discover supernatural abilities beyond belief. And without fail, she’ll be by your side for all future endeavors. Whether or not you come back as an adult, you must enter the forest to discover the magic. The grandmother will remain at the house and eagerly await your return to answer her magical inquiry. Accessing the town's mysteries as a witch grants you power. Download the New Witch in Town mod to reveal more information about the towns' mysteries. ———

Old Mod Version
1.0.4 Mar 19, 2023