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Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Mod APK

Updated On
Jan 22, 2023
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Updated On
Jan 22, 2023
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Unlocked/without advertising
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App Download Version 3.6.35
Last Updated Jan 22, 2023
Apk Size 128.51 MB
App by 777connect
Category Adventure
Mod info Unlocked
Support Android Version 4.1 and up
App Package com.blyts.nobodies
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Nobodies: Murder Cleaner MOD Screenshot Nobodies: Murder Cleaner MOD Screenshot Nobodies: Murder Cleaner MOD Screenshot Nobodies: Murder Cleaner MOD Screenshot Nobodies: Murder Cleaner MOD Screenshot

As a starting point, mention the Murder cleaner.

We enjoy what we do and believe in our work. Our beliefs are reflected in the opening line of this sales pitch as well as being a major component of its success. None is better than Nobodies: Murder Cleaner— one of the best games ever created. The game I am referring to fully utilizes the players' minds. It is built on a horror theme and players must properly utilize their thinking capabilities. There are many solutions to a problem, but only one is effective. If you attempt to play this game, you'll understand why I made this statement.

The narrative begins with a single line of text.

The first mission’s information shows that the world is preparing to deal with a viral pandemic. This is why the Q-100 terrorist organization needs to release a new virus for testing. However, they were discovered by intelligence and countermeasures were planned. Disbanding the Q-100 required the elimination of key members. Anyone involved with this need to be alert to any evidence they abandoned their task.


As a name provides a hint in regard to the game style Blyts created, I'll briefly explain its goals. You should also learn what you need to accomplish to achieve these goals. Additionally, understand the previous context by examining assassins. Complete the mission by killing key members of the terrorist organization. Do this by cleaning up the bodies afterward so that authorities won't discover the terrorists' location. In order to play the game, you need to leave no trace of a murder that took place. This can be accomplished through the use of tools and items found in each scene or mission. Leaving aside the concrete mixers, unfinished pillars and sand, the first mission gave me an example with no competition. My team and I found ourselves at a construction site with no company present. I thought about putting the victims body inside the container and filling it up. This is an effective solution and successfully completes the mission. Control is achieved by dragging items on the screen and touching other displayed images. To manipulate something, access the inventory and place it where desired. Once I removed the corpse from its mortal coil by way of an elaborate pulley system, I utilized pliers to dismember the body into smaller pieces that properly conformed to the pole's slender profile. With a pail in hand, I mixed concrete with the aid of a hand mixer; then, I added water and other necessary components to my mix. My troubleshooting efforts resulted in a satisfactory resolution.

Leave no evidence of your presence.

Whatever you decide to take should be avoided due to how dangerous it is. Disguising the death of your victim can be an oversight that leads to failure. Someone will notice that something is amiss and investigate the cause of the deceased's absence. The warning I received about the scissors I borrowed indicated that I needed to put them back before a problem occurred. The example I used previously showed what happened when I lost track of the scissors. Always remember to leave no trace behind by removing any traceable evidence that could be found such as bloodstains or a victim's shirt.

Conquer the professional killing circuit.

Blyts created their game in a way that is completely logical. Therefore, only one solution was considered viable by the creators of the game. It's the only option that leaves no evidence of a homicide ever having occurred. You can’t randomly play the game. Doing so causes an error message to appear, forcing you to restart the game. The system will issue warnings about inapporpriate actions. For example, it won’t work or can’t combine unrelated items. In crisis situations, come up with new, more rational solutions that utilize available resources. Alternatively, quickly find a new approach that can solve the problem using your intelligence and resourcefulness.


The Devotion of the game’s developer shows through the hand-painted scenes in Nobodies: Murder. This proves their enthusiasm for this game as well as urging players to have a pleasant experience. The developer’s attention to established details and context fuels their creation of realistic drama, anxiety, suspense, and ambivalence. To fully immerse in the experience, players should understand that these events happened in reality.

A game with a Point and Click Puzzle Adventure plot.

Murdering people in this game requires creative thinking and advanced methods. Making this stage a simple post-production step is a mistake. As a murder cleaner, it's crucial to remove any forensic evidence that doesn't naturally disappear. In order to do this, the player must examine the crime scene and treat the corpse.

Your job is sheltered by the government from any possible harm.

When a gangster gang hires you to kill someone, they aren’t making you criminal accomplices. Instead, they’re using you as spies for a secret government counter-terrorist organization. Working undercover, you perform jobs for the police that give evidence against your murderer accomplice. By fulfilling your duty, you help maintain order by cleaning the corpses of executed criminals. Avoiding their gang's pursuit and vengeance is essential until their remains can be collected for evidence and secret archives.

This game is simple to play, but difficult to win.

Finding evidence in the 3D world of Nobodies requires working through the game with a joystick. The method of playing this game is very easy when you only need point-and-click controls. Players must master challenging puzzles and combat techniques. But the challenge doesn’t lie with understanding how to control the game and gain victory. Finding a way to solve a challenge requires understanding its rules. An easy example is finding and examining a corpse in a dark room.on the light and see everything there.

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