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Updated On
Nov 19, 2022
App Version
Updated On
Nov 19, 2022
App Version

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Note: This mod needs more testing, and features might work unconsistently/differently
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5. FLY
18. CHAMS V1
19. CHAMS V2
20. X-RAY
App Info
App Download Version 2.553.620
Last Updated Nov 19, 2022
Apk Size 115.75 MB
App by shyali
Category Adventure
Mod info Mod Menu Unlimited Mod speed
Support Android Version 5.0 and up
App Package com.roblox.client com.roblox.client
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Play with millions of players on all sorts of platforms

Everything is guaranteed to be in perfect detail. For example, playing MINECRAFT in the style of ROBLOX, for example, when entering the game we will see a world of square objects everywhere. In particular, each server's progress will be saved so that players will not have any uniform levels. Want to play a little bit of Gun Game? Jump into a fun, fast-paced FPS game.
The Real Plane Physics Test was the first game I chose. They can hang in customized virtual clubs and outsmart their enemies alongside their squads, fight against pirates and many more in a single setting. Personalizing and editing libraries is a must for ROBLOX players and allows them to interactively or customize each server's performance. That creates motivation for players, and they can freely participate in various activities to dress outstanding costumes and design characters with distinctive styles. Players will have access to a huge emote library with attractive and humorous content, helping players interact with everyone in a friendly way.
When you first join the game, the system will choose your default multiplier and gender. Then you should download ROBLOX immediately. In addition, in the game, people will not be forced by the rules of the game here, which is the advantage of the game. With cross-platform support you can play with millions of players on all sorts of platforms, ideal if you want to play with friends.Download and install the APK for Roblox to get the most out of your gaming experience.

ROBLOX is a platform with diverse and interesting game modes

Have fun, be creative with others, while not being confined to a series of annoying quests. We can choose any game. Come to the exciting challenges of ROBLOX.But what is Roblox exactly? Developed by the Roblox Corporation - no surprise there - this game is all about creation. The assets in-game are available for everyone to use, and that makes sense when you see all the different worlds to play on.
ROBLOX is a game with diverse and interesting game modes. So come in and try it out, you won’t be disappointed. So the longer you play, the bigger and richer the rewards will be. Especially in the game’s events, you can not only receive rich normal parts but also ring with super rare items in the game..
Numerous parts such as hair, face, body and animation effects will The game will continuously update new content such as costumes, emotes, and premium features. There are some premium features in Roblox - you can pay to get extra benefits in certain games - the majority of the game is free-to-play for anyone with a mobile phone or tablet.Roblox has been praised for its safe environment online - chat and communications are all moderated and protected by filters and community management.
It is a collection of games, joined by millions of people around the world, to experience and contribute to the content. Then invite your close friends to experience it together. Because in it there are all the weapons that you wish you could use day and night. Each server has unique characteristics and leads to various gameplay, such as action, entertainment, casual, simulation, survival, RPG, and more.

ROBLOX will create a healthy playground where people can be creative, flexible

You will be taken to a large map, where the square pixel blocks are sprawling everywhere. Players can customize the controls, help themselves quickly adapt, and easily interact with teammates through character gestures.ROBLOX aims to create a healthy playground where people can be creative, flexible, and enjoy the best of the world.
They are quite mischievous, so sometimes they accidentally ruining the artwork you tried to build before. As you can see, what you have been looking for in a long time is being introduced in this article. Characters in the game are created delicately and vividly. Because in the game there are many things that hardly any game can bring.
Now, you will also be one of those factors. Try creating a shooting game mode for example. Everyone must have seen one piece, right? If you’ve seen it, I’m sure everyone will want to hold and use the weapons of the characters in the Some of the worlds require progression, a bit like the logging simulator.

Player can play all sorts of games and join worlds in ROBLOX

Those games are widely popular because they are open-sourced, and players can join and develop them on any platform.Each player has a private library that stores the progress of the most recent servers they've ever played. Players can develop their servers and add many things to create an open playing field for everyone worldwide.
It soon reached a milestone of over 100 million downloads in the first few years since its release. We can freely move them.Roblox is hugely popular, often coming in the top 5 most played games of the past couple of years. This is all made possible by the easy-to-learn creation tools designed by the Roblox team, and this means even if you have little experience in level design you can experiment and create awesome stuff with the Roblox engine. This also means that many servers simply have more players to populate them, meaning you can play all sorts of games and join worlds whatever time of day it is, and wherever you are.

The character design system in ROBLOX is impressive and rich

Roblox seems to be a miniature social network as it allows you to chat and interact with other players in real-time, while also giving you an opportunity to become anyone you want.With simple and rich gameplay according to many games that we choose.
ROBLOX has always been famous for many elements, but the most prominent is the variety and richness in each of its servers, giving players plenty of options to enjoy the game and have fun.The character design system in ROBLOX is impressive and rich and gives users a broad choice to design a most impressive character. Even more impressive is that players can save character sets in different presets, and it's a convenient function all players want..
Here, people can search or build their own aircraft and use it to fly in the sky. Moreover, the game will have a lot of bias towards mobile platforms when ROBLOX allows cross-playing, and everyone will enjoy a fair environment. Many have designed their own levels, from car races and fishing to fully-fleshed out FPS games with gun upgrades and level progression.Sure, Roblox’s creation tools might seem daunting at first, but once you’ve read some online tutorials and experimented with the tools yourself, you’ll find it’s much easier than you expected. What about something more laid back? There are all sorts of role playing games where you just sit back and relax with some friends and a simple task to carry out.
They are diverse from all genres such as role-playing, racing, entertainment to puzzles.Roblox is a strategy application on Android created specifically for entertainment purpose. However, the best thing about ROBLOX is its cross-play mechanism, where people playing on different platforms can freely interact with each other.ROBLOX is not well known for its worlds and servers, but rather the interaction between characters, showing precision, flexibility, and humor even though it is a form of block-graphics.the list is endless, and there is no shortage of worlds to explore in Roblox.

Anyone in Roblox can build their server, program it, change the gameplay

Roblox acts as either a library or an intersection of endless elements and creativity, where players come and go to enjoy the quintessence of other players. The game featured an open world created by players. As well as most played, it’s also the most watched, with billions of views across hundreds of YouTube channels. This game is a cross between a game and a social media platform because Roblox is easy to play. In other words, it is a vast collection of player-driven servers made by gamers for gamers with various tastes or preferences. The game is available on many different platforms, although the Android version is one of the most popular. Best of all, anyone can build their server, program it, change the gameplay, and create a game that is entirely independent of the rest. It’s easy to download, and install, and then jump into a world of huge mega-creations - entire new worlds to explore, games to play, and plenty of creative tools that you can use to create your own designs. This game was designed for everyone to play. The chaos in Roblox’s community of players is a source of endless excitement and joy as everyone buzzes with excitement and searches for new friends. illions of user-created games are ready to play, completely for free, often recreating popular FPS games and others like Minecraft.

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2.553.620 Nov 19, 2022
2.552.587 Nov 16, 2022
2.551.575 Nov 8, 2022
2.550.640 Nov 4, 2022
2.549.632 Oct 21, 2022
2.548.523 Oct 14, 2022
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2.531.422 Jun 22, 2022
2.529.368 Jun 14, 2022
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