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Updated On
Nov 24, 2022
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Updated On
Nov 24, 2022
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App Download Version 1.20.0
Last Updated Nov 24, 2022
Apk Size 95.65 MB
App by KIMBERY6857
Category Arcade
Mod info Unlocked
Support Android Version 5.1 and up
App Package com.topchopgames.skyroller com.topchopgames.skyroller
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Control the character with roller skates and overcome many obstacles

This is a sport that does not require too many skills of the player, you just need to know how to balance on skates and then learn more advanced techniques.Do not forget to collect diamonds along the way. Although it is extremely valuable and helps you unlock your favorite character, diamond is like a trap to make you lose. If you’re a busy person and want to find a game to kill your free time, I’d recommend this game. In addition, challenges are waiting for them ahead, and new mechanisms will appear to support the character more and more.Don’t focus too much on diamonds.
You use your fingers (drag from left to right) to control the athlete’s legs to fit the path. The game uses our “greed” to make us make mistakes. With a completely free game like Sky Roller MOD, you will get some distractions by advertising. It is fun and does not consume too much of your time.On some levels, you will collect many diamonds to use and unlock some items you want.If you just want to enjoy the game and play with different characters, then you could always download the unlimited gems, unlock all skins, no ads mod to get more cash without having to risk losing on a track by collecting diamonds or by boring yourself to death watching ads.
Idle World. Forget about the time you stumbling and want to give up, now you are a proficient patin player. As you walk through the slopes, the speed of the track is also increased.In Sky Roller MOD, players will control the character with roller skates and overcome many obstacles ahead to reach the finish line.The reward that you receive in the levels of Sky Roller MOD is diamonds, and there will be some challenges that can help you pick up more diamonds than the rest of the levels.
Sky Roller MOD consists of thousand of levels corresponding to the number of challenges you need to overcome to become a top roller skate player. After trying once, I was completely addicted to this game. So you will not be able to ignore what this game gives you. At the same time, you will not be given the option to use your resources and wait a few seconds for the level to unlock automatically.
– Some levels will help you collect more diamonds than the rest and have the opportunity to open lucky chests. You should consider diamonds to be a bonus at first, and then once you’ve mastered the controls of the game, you can take more risks and put yourself in increasingly more danger to collect them.

The landscape will be changed at each level

Because rollerblading is a sport for everyone, Sky Roller’s characters are also extremely diverse. It can be said that you will need to observe and calculate a reasonable width between two legs.
– Over time, new terrains and mechanics will appear, and some terrains positively affect the player, such as acceleration. This game is a must-have for anyone who likes skating, roller skating, or surfing. It’s free and easy.
Of course. At each level, the landscape is changed to avoid boredom for the player. At the same time, if you do not dodge or go to a suitable area, the character will fall, and you will be forced to start over. Your character will roller skate across the skyline and you have to use your finger to guide them to make sure that they don’t fall off the edge. As with anything in life, the more than you play the game, the more chance you have of scoring.

Sky Roller is a simple endless runner game

You should always be on the alert for the game’s obstacles. Perhaps you may not need to ask my opinion. You will adventure through snowy mountains, green forests or cities with tall buildings.The character will automatically move where the player will only control the character’s movements by dragging left or right.Developed by Homa Games, Sky Roller MOD apk is a simple endless runner game where you roller skate over the city while trying to collect diamonds for extra points.Practice makes perfect.
To increase the challenge and new for players, Sky Roller MOD designed more obstacles to prevent your journey.Sky Roller MOD is a game that requires precise observation and control skills of the player when the same character skates across various terrains to complete the level. Here are some tips to help you understand how to master this simple and addictive Android game.Once you’ve gotten the hang of this, you’ll want to try to keep you focus on what’s approaching further down the track. Of course, you will need to have mastered the controls before you can take your focus off of your character so that you can confidently avoid obstacles in close range.
Their latest game, Sky Roller, after being released nearly a month, has reached more than one million installs and is always in the top 10 of the trending games. Your character can perform a secondary split to help them overcome the challenges ahead. In addition, things do not stop there as some roads have only two short roads and the distance between them is always changing. For example, you will see a road with green arrows that help you increase your speed forward.You can watch ads to get more diamonds as well, which you can then use to unlock new characters and other cool features.
The number of diamonds you collect is used to unlock skates, characters and buy some support items. So sometimes you need to keep a thought in your mind, “Diamond is an obstacle”. A diverse number of characters are waiting for them to unlock. The game is so simple and fun that anyone can enjoy it. It’s one of those games that you pick up and just play.The game is simple and addictive – you can wind up playing it for an hour at a time or more if you’re not careful.

Unlock a lot of different types of characters in the game

You can unlock a lot of different types of characters, from an active young girl to an old man with sports clothes. Over time, its level of challenge will increase.Players will find many challenges when controlling the roller character:– Characters will automatically move forward, and your job is to control their splits to avoid obstacles.In the beginning of the game, you’ll need to get an understanding of how quickly you can maneuver your character – especially how quickly you can spread their legs apart and put them back together again, as this will be essential for avoiding many of the obstacles in the game. While collecting diamonds will give you more points, they will also distract you from taking the safer path.
The publisher Homa Games once again proved to us that simple games often attract large numbers of players in a very impressive way. Although newly established in 2018, Homa Games games have always attracted millions of players around the globe. You will play as the best roller skates player and conquer the difficult challenges of this game. At the same time, there will always be diverse rewards waiting for players ahead and help you unlock many valuable items. Specifically, it’s not a flat road; there will be open spaces or different slopes for you to make a fly.

Players can try and play until they pass that level

This game uses the topic of roller skating, a popular sport in most countries. And Homa Games inspired by this sport to create the game I am about to introduce to you below, Sky Roller MOD. But if you want to earn lots of diamonds and gifts, play in online mode. Anyone can play and enjoy it.There will be many obstacles you will find in the Sky Roller MOD, and those can be black rocks lying on the ground. In addition, you also unlock some boost elements that appear on the field to create favorable factors for the character.
You can start over from the beginning. The game does not limit the number of times you play, which means you can try and play until you pass that level.An interesting point when you reach a certain level is that the variety of terrain is unlocked. At the same time, this amount of diamonds can help you unlock characters with qualities like common, uncommon, heroes, legendary.
– The amount that you play is diverse and allows you to earn a lot of diamonds to use in this game.

The gameplay of Sky Roller is extremely simple

In the first few levels, you may feel simply because the game does not have many obstacles. If you stumble, don’t worry. You can play in offline mode to experience the game seamlessly, without being disturbed.Sky Roller MOD is a game for everyone.
– Characters with rarity ranging from common to legendary can be randomly unlocked with diamonds you have. Still, if you want to get some easy in-game currency, then watching a couple of ads won’t hurt you much.
If you think that is too simple, then you are wrong. Think of this as your training phase to familiarize yourself with the controls and sensitivity when you interact with the character. Many times, because I was so engrossed in picking diamonds, I had encountered obstacles after that. The challenge is fun, but the game isn’t too difficult so younger players can also enjoy it.There aren’t many games that allow you to be as free as Sky Roller MOD apk.As with any game, if you have some idea of what to expect, then you’ll be better at playing it.
The gameplay is extremely simple. Just a second off guard, you can stumble and have to start that level from the beginning. Each level brings you surprises in the way obstacles are designed.The characters and the track are well designed, but the scenery is not overly invested. The number of obstacles is so varied that any player will know how to handle them carefully. The night sky makes the city come alive as you roller skate over it.
My goal and that of everyone who plays this game are to unlock favorite characters. However, the landscape is designed in a very monotonous way with only a single color. The controls are straightforward that anyone can access. Specifically, they will block your path but still have a space for you to pass and require you to split your legs with a certain width. The graphics are very simple and use a minimalist design to make the skyline stand out against a backdrop of pink sky. If you play Sky Roller MOD apk a lot, then you’ll quickly get much better at it, so keep going to get that perfect score.

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