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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Mod APK

Updated On
Mar 18, 2023
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Updated On
Mar 18, 2023
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chongchong assistant tips: suggested in the WIFI environment to participate in the game experience.

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Last Updated Mar 18, 2023
Apk Size 156.53 MB
App by Yebaix08
Category Strategy
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Support Android Version 5.0 and up
App Package com.kongregate.mobile.stormbound.google
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Stormbound: Kingdom Wars MOD Screenshot Stormbound: Kingdom Wars MOD Screenshot Stormbound: Kingdom Wars MOD Screenshot Stormbound: Kingdom Wars MOD Screenshot Stormbound: Kingdom Wars MOD Screenshot

Fill your hand with 200 additional cards.

Combining elements of board games and card collectables, the original game empowers players with smart strategies and strong cards. Players control troops that spring to life as soon as they begin to play cards into the board. This game combines gameplay with the tactics and strategy of other collectable card games. Once your orders are implemented, your army can’t back out of its intended course due to its progress. With every passing moment, victory draws ever closer to the palms of their hands.

Play on a living board.

Combinations between combat strategies and unique one-of-a-kind game mechanics make Strombound a unique game. Players can interact with the game thanks to its 2D and 3D artwork, and when playing cards on the board, they'll come to life. You can drive your frontlines toward your opponent and then sneak forces into their base to attack them from the inside. This will cause an enemy to lose all their resources and be forced to retreat.

The Battle of Kingdoms takes place between two rival kingdoms.

New kingdoms arose from the ashes of an empire that was torn apart by a massive storm. Supplying the world with magic, the Storm changed the geography of the land. In the winter, alpacas from the Winter Pact breed more frequently to produce more offspring. Focus on outlasting your opponent by taking small steps. Finish off your opponent with a massive display of power: a colossal bang. Swarms of the east appear in various places. The oldest kingdoms are the undead. They are a fast and aggressive race with a large army. People refer to them as The Swarm because of that speed and power. IRONCLAD UNION is a collective name for several organizations. Ironclad’s mice live on one of the richest rocks in the sky. They are very smart and hardworking; they use construction tools for their labor. The Shadowfen tribes are like a class. They are comprised of the best warriors and rogues in their respective tribes. The Ravens and Toads live in swamps of Shadowfen, where they employ their environment as a form of defense.

Competitive real time games are performed in real time with no pause.

Join a community of individuals competing against each other in Player vs. Player combat. By defeating other players around the world, climbing the leaderboards and unlocking new strategies, you can become a valued member of the community. Further your reputation and earn great prizes by dominating your opponents in combat.


Players that understand the game best benefit from strategic gameplay. Online battles involving players from all over the world are constantly occurring. Gain access to dozens of powerful cards through the game! The stunning 2D and 3D imagery taken into account of Stormbound makes you feel completely immersed in the universe. Each corner of the game world belongs to a specific kingdom with unique benefits and playstyles. ———

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