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Updated On
Oct 20, 2022
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Updated On
Oct 20, 2022
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Many Features, AD-Free
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App Download Version 7.0.8
Last Updated Oct 20, 2022
Apk Size 25 MB
App by soundindepthcom
Category Entertainment
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Support Android Version 5.0 and up
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TV channels constantly update hot movies in this app

Missed a brand new episode on Cartoon Network, missed the week’s international music charts on MTV. Until use JioTV, it feels completely different. Because of an available feature, you can watch all the programs that have aired on TV within the next 7 days on the application. Not only TV channels constantly update hot movies, helping you not to miss the issues of the times. We updated the pause and resumed feature to avoid any exciting moments of the movie and resume it at your leisure.With this application you can enjoy over 300 different channels, straight from your Android device.
And with many other useful dedicated features, you won’t have to worry about missing a TV show anymore.Dubbed the best entertainment app of all time, and that’s entirely true with what this app has to offer. Find out what the best-selling shows or movies people around the world are watching day and night. Or even you can add the channel to your favorites, so you don’t miss a great time. With this version of the application, you’ll get multiple additions and features to keep satisfied of the original version.

This app owns including 650 TV channels

Of which more than 100 channels are in super clear HD no matter what media you are using, mobile or tablet. There are movies, shows, sports and more types of entertainment programs as well as a variety of channels to watch such as Zee Cinema HD, Neo Sports, Sony Six, Sony MAX, HBO and more. There are loads of great live shows like Super Dancer 4, Indian idol 12,… and many more.With many useful features present in the application, you can easily use it without worrying about making mistakes.Furthermore, all channels and genres will be visibly displayed for you to see.
I also tried a few times through other applications, but there are places that are not good, especially the control and interface.Earlier, I mentioned the huge numbers that JioTV owns including 650 TV channels, 100 HD channels, now you will be shocked if you know more that in this application we can smoothly watch all 15 languages, including English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Malayalam, Assamese, Odia, Urdu… Wherever you are, any corner of this Earth, you will have something of your own to see. Experience loads of cool shows that are regularly updated on the app. Simple gestures will help you navigate throughout the app to find the videos you are looking for. These characteristics help JioTV stand out from its competition.

The extra features in this app will also be of great help to players

In addition, the extra features in JioTV will also be of great help to you. There are all the local channels as well as international channels also included in this application containing various genre and a huge range of content to watch. Countless HD TV channels deliver great shows, take your day off and enjoy.Entertainment with live programs available and countless great programs are waiting for you at JioTV. No matter the location or circumstances, as long as you have an internet connection, you should be fine.
I can also monitor the programs I’m watching on TV conveniently, the way they are displayed on the screen is also very condensed and easy to observe.The list of TV channels in JioTV is very large, here I just list a few popular names in each category:Make sure to watch things that are popular or less popular and picky with audiences like Super Dancer 4, Indian Idol 12, Wagle ki Duniya, Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, Teri Meri Ikk Jindri, Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii , Jiyaji Chhat Par koii hai, Bawara Dil, Indian Pro Music, Dance Deewane, Udariyaan Ishq Par Jor Nahi, Aur bhai kya chal raha hai…If you’re a sports fan, you can watch all the exciting live shows from all sports like Cricket, Football, WWE, Hockey, F1, Tennis and Basketball, with global events from UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Serie A, Europa League, EFL Carabao Cup Final, International Friendlies 2021, WWE NXT , SmackDown, WWE Raw, WrestleMania, BlockBusters, UFC Fights, MOTO GP, Tokyo 2020, NBA, PGA Tour, AFC Champions League, Euro Qualifier.No AdsPost is too long. In addition, users can create a list of the best shows and review them more conveniently with JioTV.Tons of TV shows available in your preferred language are all available here for you to enjoy. Thus, the easy and accessible user interface makes JioTV the ideal app for users of all ages and demographics.
When you use JioTV, you will be able to watch all programs and all content on more than 650 different TV channels around the world. In short, using JioTV on mobile or tablet, you will be able to watch any TV program you like, in all topics of the more than 650 TV channels available in JioTV. It also has an easy-to-use interface and a variety of convenient extra features. To help users around the world experience it for themselves, we’ve launched multiple languages ​​to accompany you. To help you have an even more wonderful process when enjoying your favorite programs at the application. Go ahead and download the modified APK for Android now.
How should I put it, it’s quite similar to the feeling of watching TV at home. At this point, JioTV scored a perfect score. You just need to search for the name of the show and open it to see the exact episode you’re watching. Like browsing the highlights of the day with the “News” Tab, bookmark a favorite channel or show to watch at any time, set reminders for favorite shows, rewind 30 seconds, skip to a channel previous or next channel by swiping on the screen, the desired video playback quality can be selected. To help you not miss any of the trending shows in the world, you can discover them in the “featured” category. Get unlimited streaming services the way you want with limited distractions right here with the JioTV download for Android.

JioTV is an app to watch live TV series

There are also quite a few applications to watch live TV, so why do I use JioTV?I don’t know what people’s criteria are when choosing an app to watch live TV on mobile, but for me, it must be easy to use and understand first.Or popular reality TV shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Kundali Bhagya, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, Tujhse Hai Raabta, Friends, Two And a Half Men, Brooklyn Nine-nine, The Big Bang Theory, Man vs Wild, Wild Frank… Whatever it is, you can watch and follow it closely through this JioTV app. The experience is all free, but that doesn’t mean everything is bad; the programs emitted from this application are sharp HD.With the variety we bring to you from JioTV, surely there will never be a moment when you will get bored having such great software. You can check out all of the different features and benefits right here:If you want any version of the APK to look out for, it’d definitely the modified version.
JioTV is an application to watch live TV series or any program on demand on Android devices. You can’t watch all these programs at the same time, because they have different channels, can be the same time or not much time difference.While using other such TV show applications users usually do not get the chance to watch live broadcasts so they have to watch the replays afterwards after waiting for hours and days but this application allows them to watch their favorite shows live and also provides them with abilities to pause or rewind their shows so that they do not miss anything.Having said that, we constantly update a sufficient number of programs from many different countries. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t download this one.
And there are tons of cool things happening every day, every hour on Toonami, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel… If you’ve fallen in love with one or more of those channels, you won’t be able to accept watching them again via YouTube because it has become “old”. I can search for anything I need and get results in just a second. In general, there is no step when using it that confuses me or takes time to learn a lot. JioTV is the top entertainment app that you shouldn’t miss.In addition, many different channels are offered for different people. Tapping and swiping will navigate you through the different genres and channels available.
No more worrying about missing your favorite TV show when you have JioTV in hand. The users can watch their saved shows till seven days’ time period with ease through this application. Each show has specific time slots, and users can set notifications when their favorite live shows air. Or, if you prefer, you can have a couple of your close friends join in for a nice movie night. Regardless of your favorite categories or genres, it’s available for you to enjoy, unadulterated.

JioTV is very easy to use

But when using the JioTV app, it’s very convenient.And not only entertainment TV programs, JioTV is also a heaven of attractive TV programs, Movies, Sports of all fields and especially news channels in HD for free.JioTV is a being published by Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited and is an application for entertainment purposes.The interface of the application is simple and decent containing white and red colors for users to view everything clearly, it comes with a built in video player that plays high definition videos and has a highly managed interface with different tabs having sports, news, shows, movies and more categorized in them. There are all 650 large and small TV channels present in the application, and that means you have the right to experience your favorite shows without worrying about limits. There will be tons of live TV programs for everyone to enjoy.
The second point, only people who specialize in watching Cable TV but watching dozens of things at the same time on many different channels will understand. But there are also many online shows about sports issues, from football, cricket, or any of your favorite shows. You can choose any of your favorite shows and experience them any time you want. In addition to scheduling an appointment when a favorite program is a broadcast, users can choose to bookmark favorite programs.Similar Apps: Hothit App and ZEE5 Mod APKWith this application comes tons of other features to enjoy. Therefore, making this app one of the ideal video streaming services available for Android devices.
Even if you have a whole month of free time, you will never see everything that is available in JioTV. Too big for a mobile app. All are present in this application, and you can experience it whenever you want. Watch tons of different services alone with a bag of chips.The application is also very easy to use.There are a ton of different situations to enjoy this app.
The interface is minimalistic, in terms of color and text, so opening it is immediately striking what you are looking for. Thanks to that, viewing or a series of operations during viewing happens very quickly. Watch any of your favorite shows from cartoons, talk shows, or sports programs. And that helps you not to be “outdated” before the development of the times. So, don’t waste any more time..

The app can accompany you and give you a great time enjoying the programs

Anyone who is a “television nerd” will understand how frustrating it is when not being able to watch their favorite channel. In other words, this is like the record function on modern TVs, but here everything will be clearly organized and the operation. Then there are channels with music shows, children shows as well as wildlife and more types of shows waiting for users to enjoy and discover. All are available on the application, and we are sure that is not all; many great programs will be continuously updated for users to enjoy. Even the youngest of users will not find any trouble navigating the application. That is, just as long as they understand how to read.
The interface of the home page and each subpage of JioTV brings friendliness, as used many times before. That is, let’s see slowly what you are interested in but can’t watch because they show at the same time. This application allows users to watch their shows that they desire according to their schedules as now all the JioTV shows are available over smart phones just with a connection to a network that can be watched anywhere and anytime easily.Wherever you are, JioTV can accompany you and give you a great time enjoying the programs available on our app.With the Mod APK, you are guaranteed he following additions:With this addition, the application is leagues above the original version to download.

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