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Dark Steel: Fighting Games Mod APK

Dark Steel: Fighting Games Mod APK

Updated On
May 25, 2023
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Updated On
May 25, 2023
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Mod Infomation
Menu, Damage, God mode
App Info
App Download Version 1.0
Last Updated May 25, 2023
Apk Size 448.71 MB
App by gretacuyar
Category Roleplaying
Mod info Mod Menu God Mode High Damage
Support Android Version 4.4 and up
App Package com.darkcurry.darksteel
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Dark Steel: Fighting Games MOD Screenshot Dark Steel: Fighting Games MOD Screenshot Dark Steel: Fighting Games MOD Screenshot Dark Steel: Fighting Games MOD Screenshot Dark Steel: Fighting Games MOD Screenshot

Decide on your warrior path.

Dark Steel includes a three-class system for roles that resemble those found in tabletop role-playing games. As a warrior, knight or assassin, players can choose from three basic classes. Each class represents a powerful fighter with a history as a slave. You are the symbol of defiance fighting against destiny for the benefit of the common man. By breaking the chains that restrain you and vanquishing your enemies, you redeem the oppressed. Each class specializes in unique abilities. These grant them power, which they can later use to create new possibilities through future development. Select your favorite class and begin the fight— fighting to overcome your fate as a slave.

A game with realistic graphics that combines a role-playing genre with other genres.

Dark Steel's graphics are considered the most realistic out of all games. Thanks to this, players can believe they're in the medieval era while experiencing the most authentic experiences. Advanced 3D graphics provide a smooth movement on Dark Steel's map. This comes from the high-tech Dark Steel material. The depiction of the game's story is realistic and authentic, taking place in jungles, caves and fortresses that have stood for centuries. The game has a dark color to represent the hopelessness of slaves who haven't been saved. Dark Steels’ third-person control system is impressive. You can play the game in this perspective and control the character. The virtual keys allow the player to perform special moves or slashes when pressed in the bottom two corners of the screen. This panel also displays icons that represent the actions.

Get involved in fierce one-on-one battles with enemies.

As you journey through Dark Steels fantasy world, you must travel through oceans, forests, villages and strongholds. Each location has enemies that must be defeated to access new areas in the game. A small percentage of Dark Steel's battles involve 1v1 matchups. You should never overlook these battles, as your opponent is very strong. They are extremely effective warriors with expert training and combat skills. They're able to easily avoid attacks, navigate through battles without any problems, and even defeat enemies quickly if you don't know how to use your moves correctly. If you don't have a good understanding of battle strategies or tactics, you'll be defeated in no time.

Earn experience through collected items and the upgrades system.

Creating Dark Steel’s characters required a high level of dedication. Each one featured unique skills, equipment and a system of levels. Once a character reaches another level, they receive bonus points that can be used to increase their overall stats. This can be done by leveling up the character, or using a cheat code to level them up faster. As their level increases, they can unlock new abilities and skills— along with increased damage and accuracy. Skills and abilities can be improved with level. New improvements can be expected with each new level. Fighting the character gives you a lot of benefits thanks to the upgrade process costing a lot of money. You can equip your character with hundreds of different hats, shoes, gloves, armor, weapons and shields. Each type of equipment gives your character points in specific stats such as HP, damage and defense. These optional equipment pieces boost the percentages of each stat by a large percentage. This increases the amount of HP you have, grants additional damage and improves defense. You can access equipment by purchasing it from a shop or discovering it in your opponent's possession during a confrontation. Dark Steel also incorporates the ability to combine and upgrade equipment through the process of material collection and the acquisition of specific equipment. You need to collect black steel and a sufficient amount of equipment to perform this procedure. Temporary events work best when teamed up with other players. Alternatively, face off against other players in multiplayer to acquire armor and weapons.

There are several games you can play in different ways.

The first game mode, Campaign, is the main option for Dark Steel. It's a traveling fantasy world game. The game features different chapters with unique content. Each chapter contains many difficult to combat enemies. A game with MULTIPLAYER mode needs an internet connection to connect to other players in the system. Players in this mode get unique armor, weapons and support items when they fight in battles. In continued Events, this place challenges combat ability. Both EVENTS and MODEs can be changed at will. Enlisting the aid of your allies greatly increases your chances of success. That said, defeating your enemies in battle proves extremely difficult! So it makes sense to improve your team and tactics before taking on the enemy.

The MOD feature allows users to change their OS.

Living off of an endless source of energy grants an endless supply of vitality. ———

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