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Updated On
Jan 22, 2023
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Updated On
Jan 22, 2023
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App Download Version 1.96.2
Last Updated Jan 22, 2023
Apk Size 124.38 MB
App by jagmediaagency
Category Puzzle
Mod info Mod Menu
Support Android Version 5.0 and up
App Package dk.tactile.mansionstory
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Penny & Flo: Finding Home MOD Screenshot Penny & Flo: Finding Home MOD Screenshot Penny & Flo: Finding Home MOD Screenshot Penny & Flo: Finding Home MOD Screenshot Penny & Flo: Finding Home MOD Screenshot

Recently implemented changes provide interesting information.

The producer of Penny & Flo: Finding Home is interested in the feelings and thoughts of players when playing the game. This is why polls are included in the game; players can discuss their emotions and thoughts with one another. The latest update tries to fix mistakes made in previous updates. New in this most recent update is a new feature for players. Using this feature, players see new sights and experiences in New York— including new feelings and landscapes. New gameplay situations present new challenges for characters that players help them overcome.

A great story

This game's description includes the famous Hollywood actress who owns a luxurious, lavish and oversized mansion. The mansion is the main focus of this unique game. Working hard to match her reputation required her to construct a mansion of considerable size. However, this choice led to many complications because it's too big for any repairs to be made. The landlord currently needs the help of two key characters in the game, Penny and Flo. The two characters need to utilize their skills and abilities to address the issues that plague the large mansion. Many issues arise due to incidents in each room, requiring the characters to overcome several obstacles. Once this is accomplished, everything repairs back to normal in the house.

The unique gameplay of this old game makes it classic and unique at the same time.

Finding Home is a modern style puzzle game that uses a puzzle platform. When someone hears the name of the game genre, they may think this is an ordinary puzzle game because of the word "puzzle." However, Finding Home is much more than that. It's a platform where players must decode modern style puzzles. This game provides different puzzles that range from easy to challenging. This makes it easier for beginners to start or increase their playing experience. The creator also included different genres in each statement to avoid any sense of repetition for new players. Puzzles require specific meanings in order to be considered interesting. People solving them find answers to unlock the secrets hidden within them. Plus, these puzzles are important in ways that other puzzles aren’t.

Additional information about the film can be found in the supplementary materials.

This game's premise revolves around a unique story. Additionally, players initially aim to return the large mansion to functionality when playing the game. This motivates players to engage with the story and its challenges through the protagonist duo. In order to accommodate each different narrative, puzzles must be solved before rooms are repainted and rearranged. The game Penny & Flo: Finding Home has a large mansion with many rooms to explore. It also has hundreds of furniture and decorations that players can repair or paint according to their wishes. Additionally, players need to look for hidden decorations throughout the house. Doing so will lead them to areas they shouldn’t be able to access. By combining the story, gameplay and additional unique features, Penny & Flo: Finding Home produces the best puzzle game ever. Every aspect of the game is perfect and seamlessly combined to create an amazing experience for players. Start the game by exploring, modifying and upgrading the house you select. You'll find a wide range of construction projects ahead as you begin your career.

Key features of the product include additional storage space, a mobile phone holder and a built-in kickstand.

Expand your home to add rooms that improve the story based on the renovations. Engrossing puzzle levels need matching pieces to complete! The story reveals hidden secrets and mysteries through unexpected turns. Discover hidden antiques in the home via exploring secret sections. Heartwarming and humorous dialogue accompany a story full of love.

A new mansion can be renovated with a Penny & Flo mod.

The title of this game is a reference to Penny and Flo, who are designers and planners in the professional world. The story revolves around the two remodeling a mansion to make it suitable for a popular Hollywood actress. Over time, the mansion has become worn down and unappealing. Your new villa needs renovating, adjusting and decorating. You must repair, arrange, renovate and decorate rooms inside the house to keep everything inside current. Additionally, the furniture is outdated and in ruin. Outside the house, weeds grow in the garden and old things sit everywhere. You can hear an array of tales through Penny and Flo, as well as make new friends.


Penny & Flo features a simple match-3 game that improves on traditional match-3 games. The game's main goal is to solve puzzles by finding ways to break blocks of the same color. This is necessary to progress through each level. Exploding these blocks is the most common way to break them. By connecting two or more squares of the same color, players can easily solve puzzles. Finishing the game quickly requires paying close attention to matching between two squares of the same color. You can create fireballs and bombs by connecting two squares with the same color, and these can be used to rapidly finish the game. Connecting five to seven squares simultaneously will create a fireball. This missile creates explosions in a row or column, with its ammunition available in 8 connected squares. Handing off this military grade explosive results in a larger bomb that can damage multiple tiles. Combining different aspects of the game creates powerful explosions with niche effects. Depending on the circumstances of each playthrough, unique combos result.

Create and explore, respectively.

Once you finish the game, you'll discover several chapters you didn't know were included. This happens after successfully completing each level. Game characters also easily adapt to new characteristics.cter system. NPC characters will appear in each chapter of the game.

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