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Summoners Greed: Idle Hero RPG Mod APK

Updated On
May 27, 2023
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Updated On
May 27, 2023
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App Download Version 1.56.0
Last Updated May 27, 2023
Apk Size 112.08 MB
App by Yzwater8
Category Strategy
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Support Android Version 4.4 and up
App Package com.pixio.google.mtd
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Summoners Greed: Idle Hero RPG MOD Screenshot Summoners Greed: Idle Hero RPG MOD Screenshot Summoners Greed: Idle Hero RPG MOD Screenshot Summoners Greed: Idle Hero RPG MOD Screenshot Summoners Greed: Idle Hero RPG MOD Screenshot

New powerful characters eagerly await players’ arrival.

gain access to an unending supply of Tower Defense levels. Choosing a formation for the Lightning, Fire and Ice elements will lead to a more varied strategy thanks to their assigned gods. Each god represents one of the three elements, so finding a combination for all three can be done when choosing a formation.

receive unlimited Tower Defense levels.

A summoner's greed chest containing valuable items is stolen from a knight. The thief is cornered at the bottom of a tower, and players must move massive amounts of mass to get the chest back. In addition, red mage obstacles such as rocks placed in holes are created to slow down players' movement and give the knight more time to react. The game's environment will feature different squares; each of these locations is where players can place a summoned character. Select an appropriate location based on your personal sense of rationale before beginning the first level. After setting your characters in Edit mode, their enemies move. Different enemy types need to be handled by the player. Pushing a button in the center of the path instantly ends the game when a player touches it. This is similar to other tower defense games, which feature many on-the-move enemies. When players reach the end of the path and touch a chest, they lose immediately. New enemies with great strength gradually appear in the game. An ax-wielding character can destroy a red mage's rock and reduce his travel distance. Alternatively, a knight with larger than normal size can shortening his travel distance.

Powerful characters can be summoned with the aid of power.

As shown in the above image, you only have one slime character as a companion in the first level of Summoner's Greed. Don't worry; this is normal. After each level, you'll find a green circular resource that allows you to summon characters with common rarity or higher. This will immediately put them in a defensive position against the enemy. Additionally, if luck is on your side, you can summon an Epic slime character. The game features two additional summoning methods. One involves diamonds of the purple variety and is significantly harder to find than regular diamonds. The other is an extremely difficult summoning method that can summon Epic-level characters. It's important to upgrade the power of the characters once they're on the field. Each character has a skill line that can be accessed by clicking on them; this action indicates how much money is needed for the upgrade.


In the Android game Summoner's Greed, players take on the role of a powerful summoner whose goal is to defend “stolen” loots from the king's wraths. Players use their powers as a summoner to defeat the king's armies and protect their loots from any enemies that might try to steal them. Summon unique creatures and monsters with unique powers by using your innate intelligence to activate defenses built around strategically positioned totems. These structures serve as defensive towers that can be upgraded and reinforced. Use in-game actions to advance your summoner through multiple stages and levels. Unlock new powers and tactical abilities so you can protect your kingdom from increasingly powerful threats. The game offers Android gamers the chance to compete with and play with other players from different platforms. It also features online competitions with players from other platforms and fun cooperative defense battles. Players can check their loot, gather resources, and fight epic battles while they're playing.


The listed features for the game prove its enthralling nature.

Has multiple monsters to draw on for power and use.

In the game Summoner's Greed, players can summon a wide range of different monsters. Each monster has different powers and abilities that make them more than just a statue. Encasing your monsters in stone will give them ranged capabilities; use this to create defensive formations around your loot. As you further the game, you can even collect legendary, epic and even rare monsters with incredible powers. Through research and experimentation, discover the best way to utilize each creature's abilities, secondary powers, and natural tendencies. Incorporate each creature's abilities into your defenses to create the most effective warps. Use the summoner's greed to your advantage by coordinating summoner tactics with adjacent monsters.

Confronting enemy heroes and bosses in an attempt to intimidate them.

In Summoner's Greed, players encounter punishing bosses and enemy heroes with tremendous powers. These adversaries require strong resistance against lumberjacks with axes, ice mages, peasant spearmen and the King's Elite Knights. Players can claim the undeniable rewards lying before them by defeating these villains. Add variety to your in-game experiences by defending your base against multiple enemies with unique skills and abilities. This should make your defensive tactics more interesting and add to the overall game play.

Useful spells come in handy thanks to their awesomeness.

If you're interested, you can now see the incredible in-game benefits of Summoner's Greed through its spells. The time-limited abilities increase your defenses, power up your monsters or destroy enemies with increased effectiveness. Take advantage of these chances to maximize their effectiveness and change the course of the battle by using them when necessary. ———

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